Friday, August 3, 2012

**My Near "Gabby" Experiences

In a previous post, I mentioned that I ran in grade school. That I excelled in anything that involved running and jumping. I was very small with long strong legs. I didn't care too much for the gymnastic portion because it involved much more skill, with a lot of flipping and straddling "horses" and beams. By the time I was in 7th grade I'd discovered something new. It still involved running and jumping but my rewards were different. By the time I got to 8th grade my interests had taken a totally different turn. From 3rd grade up, I also excelled at spelling bees, never making it to nationals, but as with track and field I was top notch with that too.

Suddenly there was a new sport that changed my life. I was still active, but now I'm "running" into boys and "jumping" directly on top of them. I was going to be really direct in this paragraph. Lacing this post with profane details and obscenities, which is the reason for the double asterisks in the title. But I'll keep it respectfully mature and day time friendly. 

All the activity with my newly discovered hobby, that being boys, is most likely the reason my name isn't read when you take a look back in Track or Olympic history. I was very good.
When I was starting basketball try outs, cheer leading and anything that entailed frequent and quick movement. I was sluggish, slow and unproductive. A few extra pounds and a certain lethargy, revealed that I was pregnant at 13. Sticking to the new "hobby" earned me child #2 at 15, #3 at 17 and #4 at 19. My bonus is that I excelled at motherhood instead.

While I do feel that my children are my trophies; I also feel, had I stuck to running on pavement and jumping hurdles instead of the boys, I could have come at least very close to preceding Gabby. Longer story short. There's going to be distractions. Follow your dreams in the order in which they are received. Don't skip opportunities just because something more appealing shows up. Do it all, in order, in time.

I don't regret my children, they're grown now and have "trophies" of their own. I'm a proud mother and grandmother. I'm blessed to be healthy, happy and able to see and congratulate Gabrielle Douglas on her achievements.