Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weighing In

This may seem like a lot of work at first. You might be reluctant to take the time, but it doesn't take that long. These measurements are within every day occurrences. For instance, changes can begin with start of the day habits and go as far as annual rituals. Lets get started:
Waking up thanking God        Jumping up giving an inanimate
Brushing your teeth                 object your first attention     
Cleansing your body                Ignoring your hygiene  
Checking on a loved one         Assuming everyone agrees 
Attending to chores ie.,           Having an un presentable 
Making the bed                        environment 
Picking up worn clothes          People that anger you
Removing full trash                 People that doubt you
receptacles                             Obliging sin from others
Eliminating inessentials           Entertaining violence
Eating Healthy                         Abundant use of profanity
Smile inside & out                Prejudice for any reason
Exercise                                    Lying & Stealing
Respect yourself & others        Fornication & Adultery

Those are just some of the changes you can weigh and work on.
If you know anything you can do better or less of, add it and watch how much lighter you feel. Negativity is a heavy burden.