Monday, October 22, 2012

Acute Fascination

I'm not an avid follower of television shows; with the exception of Family Guy, Hells Kitchen and Master Chef. I knew what time they aired and I tuned in. When I was 13 to 14 years old and pregnant, I started watching soap operas. I watched All My Children, and the rest of the ABC channel line up of soaps. Otherwise, my life itself has been full and involving enough to keep me entertained.

Well now I hear people ranting about their favorites, but could never concur with them on what my favorite was, because I had none. Until a few days ago. I was doing a process of elimination of movies I have in my possession and had never viewed. Some of the seals had never been broken. I watched them in order of a presumed interest, saving the most certain that I hadn't seen for last.
Last but not least and now a favorite is Prison Break. I have Season 1 in it's entirety and I LOVE IT!!!!
I haven't been this excited to watch a show in a very long time. I've reached the end of the 22 episode season and now have an appetence for more. I'm in a hot pursuit and intend to acquire the other 3 seasons. Can't wait to resume my marathon.

While doing a little research after the first 16 episodes, I found out it first aired in 2005 with an end date of 2009. Where was I while this was recurring? Turns out that Paul T. Scheuring also master minded a couple other favorites; like, A Man Apart and The Experiment. Kudos to the entire production team and cast. A series very worthy of my time, no matter how late.