Friday, December 21, 2012

A Good Choice(even if it's not your choice)

I am not, I repeat, NOT a dog person. I prefer topical fish as a pet. Not just because fish are less maintenance and only requiring feedings with water changes and periodic tank cleanings. Dogs and Cats are indeed more of an extension to family. You got shots and walkings, poopings and feedings and time time time to extend to the well being of these pets. Being a first time mom at a very young age, I have had my share of full hands on care of/for anyone with the exception of myself. Anyway, These two movies ode to dogs are two of my most favorite emotion felt views in it's category. I try not to watch either of them when I'm feeling down because I know I'll cry and wonder if anyone EVER loved me as much as Hachi loved Richard Gere's character and the unconditional way in which Marley was loved by his family. Today I'm in a mood to be just left alone. I started watching Avatar; then it was The Book of Eli, Takers and now Hachi. I hope someone will always love me enough to keep showing up. Never finding a reason to give up. Hachi never did until he did.
I think I'll end this marathon of emotion and a hit of action with a blast of Bad Santa. Then I have a bone to pick with maintenance. The guy said he'd be back this morning, well I'm giving him until 2:05 this afternoon and I'm gonna have to sprinkle his azzz with a lil bit of "SALT".