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Where Is It

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Collecting Keys

Some "things" show up and leave you completely oblivious to their true intentions. It's then up to you to pay attention to it's every move, every whim and decipher whether it is indeed for you. If this presence made you happy enough to love yourself more, it served a great purpose. If you were left saddened by an ordeal, take it simply as a lesson that everything that's good to you isn't good for you, which can further help you seek and recognize a better "thing". The experience in itself was just that, an experience. Even though some situations don't evolve as expected or hoped for, they occur as knowledge. You will never exceed a need for knowledge as long as your days continue. You must collect the keys of experience to unlock the doors of knowledge & understandings.
Hope this all makes sense or at least adds to your keyring.