Saturday, December 8, 2012

**Dafuq? Am I Being Punk'd?

Believe it or not, I am my best self first thing in the morning. Not every morning; but when I'm out and about, I'm usually a good girl unless provoked. Today I made stop #1 @Walmart. Once done with my shopping and upon self checking out, I needed an associate to validate a couple of coupons. She approached and I cheerfully say, "Good Morning!" she does NOT acknowledge me, nor reciprocate the greeting, BUT snatches my coupons and proceeds to enter her info to gain access to the register..... I can't even call this a blank stare moment. I immediately said, "REALLY?" "Well fuck it, not every one has a good morning." Then she begins to make all the wrong assumptions about the coupons and after I verbally read this bitch on her inaccurateness she tries everything else to make herself appear to be more knowledgeable than moi. Wrong again bitch and further more, Me: "I'm trying to be considerate, yet my attitude stems from my greeting you which you ignored and then SNATCHED my coupons!!" Her: Nothing, she remained silent as I literally walked around her sizing her up and being as offended as I was, I'm trying not to physically crown this bitch. I decide to simmer down. She insists I have a nice day. I reciprocate and leave, because I'm too into my freedom to be on death row about a Walmart incident involving a sour bitch named Elaine.

Stores number 2, 3 and 4 went well. With the exception of a very slight over charge at store #3

Store #5: I went home first to take my perishable items from the earlier trips and decide to go to a nearby drug store to get me suntin to drank(lol). I got several other sale items and checked out. I looked at my receipt and became aware that the clerk didn't ask for my reward card which would greatly lesson the price of a few items I bought. I almost drove off but decided that at least one of them was sooo not worth full price, so I go back in with the items and confront the "mistake". She apologizes for not asking for the card, I apologize for making her re-ring the items and charge them at the promotional discount. I originally paid via credit card and she takes it upon herself, as she thought she was doing me a favor, and refunds me with cash. She re-rings the items and collects the lessened amount of cash due back. Okaaaaaaaay... I ask her about the pending charges to my card, she says, "I gave you cash so that should settle it." Me: "Nooo Bitchlet!! The card will STILL be billed because you didn't void or refund THAT transaction and I'm not paying twice for this stuff." She almost thought she was about to adopt an attitude until I gave her a look that she was not gonna be able to escape. She says, "Well let me go ask __________ how to do this because you most definitely will be billed again for the items, even though I gave you cash." Me: "Yep, and I used it to repay, still leaving an outstanding charge on my card". They put their heads together with a few little calm suggestions from me. Together we worked it out and I'm at home. No one was harmed in the making of either of the two aforementioned incidents. Bottom line, speak up and pay attention to what's going on with, around, and involving you and take appropriate action(s).