Friday, December 7, 2012

Dating Etiquette VS Thirst

I met a guy about two weeks ago and he seemed very interested in me. I thought he was attractive, although a bit short for my preference. However I'm short also, so it's not a huge deal. He asked several blunt questions which I liked that he wasn't shy, but then he seemed overly excited and nervous which turned me off. Longer story short, he asked for my number and I declined but took his. If I'd given him my number the burden would be on him to call first. But if I'd given him mine and not liked him, it starts the process of getting rid of him without changing my number. Now I want to at least see what he's about and think I've waited too long or has it been long enough? While I definitely think two weeks is enough time, I want to believe that if it's meant to be, we'll meet again somewhere someday. I may text him one day when I'm feeling bold. He did say ANY TIME. I always say, if you wait long you wait wrong. Should I "Chance" it?

After saying all of that, I'm no longer curious. I won't call. I'm seriously not a caller anyway. Oh well, having a seat.