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Where Is It

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's His Birthday

I ask God why is he still in my heart
Why even through so much discontent
No matter how much I try to block him out
No matter how ireful I get year after year
No matter how many times I say, "forget him"
I Can't
When my heart yearns for him
And I wonder why It's so hard to let go
I know he's not mine to covet
But he's been a consistent good friend
I won't turn my back on him
I Just Can't
If asked to personify a winner
When asked who knows the Lord
Name one worthy intelligent man
A man that knows and values his own worth
Think of someone that deserves an abundance of all he desires
I Can
That man would be Vayda Smith
In all aspects of what a man should be, it is him
It's his Birthday, Happy Birthday Baby
I Love You!
Your Friend Infinity ~Angela