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~Today's Letter To Heaven~

Happy Born Day Dana "Dana Dane" Daniel 5/29/59 - 6/22/12 Wow it's been almost a year since you've gone home to mingle amongst Our Father and loved ones. I do believe you are aware of everything we say and do that pertains to you. I believe that you are one of our personal Angels up in heaven, rooting for our saftety and well being. I'm so glad you're on our team. I haven't engraved it in stone because I know our children will hold me to it, but I've been pondering making a journey to Illinois on Father's Day to get a closer conversation with you. They would love that. We speak of you all the time and laugh about how we called you the one man band. The way you use to sit or walk around playing your imaginary instruments as you listened to your oldies. *chuckle laced with tears*      I was singing one of my favorite new songs to Andrea and she just busted out laughing. I thought I was doing bad until she said, "No mama, I like it. I…

Personally & Emotionally Me

I don't like getting angry, but I do
I don't like crying, but I will in a heartbeat
I don't like premature assumptions, but I place them
I don't like being taken for granted, yet I am
I don't like crowds, yet I draw them
I don't like liars, but I've lied
I don't like haters, and I've hated
I don't like unfairness, I've slighted a few

I like to laugh and I do
I often cry when I'm happy
I like to form my own opinions
I am a good judge of character(sometimes)
I am painfully honest at times
I love so hard and easily
I love being desired
I crave knowledge and intelligence

I am a user
I am selfish
I am evil
I am judgemental
I am aggressive
I am overly suspicious

I am an abnegator
I am practical
I am expeditious
I am astute
I am agile
I am an enabler
I am Me emotionally

No Place To Hide

Humans like to think that planet Earth belongs to us. But natural disasters remind us that we're really just along for the ride. In every place humans live, the possibility of a natural disaster exists. There are wildfires in hot, dry regions and avalanches in cold, moist ones. On land, earthquakes rattle buildings and topple trees; underwater, they can trigger monster waves capable of erasing entire coastlines. Volcanoes burble up from Earth's molten core, and hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning come from the sky.

Being a victim of natural disaster(s), I've seen first hand how people run, race and curse against the inevitable. Placing blame on landlords, manufacturers, cultural diversity and yes, even GOD.
Get informed and get prepared by having a plan. Know the warning signs. Know the shelter route. Pack and place to the side, a necessary staples kit(non perishable food, clothing and first aid items, emergency contact information for yourself and relief agents).

That is…

Abstractly Smitten

Shhhh listen can you feel the attraction
Whoa feel my heart I can almost taste it
Ouch what is that numbing in my mind
Of course I'd never want to know you
Get away from me I love when we're together
Give it to me because I don't want it
I despise you because we're in love
I love you even if I don't
Help me I can do it by myself
Are we clear on how we feel about each other
Ok well hello I never want to see you again

Aye... Drop Me Off

That's exactly what you have to say out loud if it doesn't work whilst saying it to yourself. I'm almost certain that many of us have encountered a person, place or thing that persists to "take us there". Being provoked into battle is easy in most cases, yet we don't HAVE to go. When anything is less than comfortable to your very being, get off, get out and get over it. Easier said than done right?

We don't have to win every challenge. There's no need to prove who and how you are to those that already know and accept you. Pray for strength to walk away. Ignore the "confetti". The confetti rears itself as colorful celebration. As long as it's entertained, someone will show up to celebrate it.
Although, every audience is not full of fans. Every clap is not to congratulate you. There's no victims venue as long as you don't show up to star in it. It can't grow or go if you don't fuel it. It won't mature if you suppress it.…

Nothing Was Wrong

Does anyone remember the day before the internet? The days where we looked up information from a phone book.
What about meeting someone while out at a venue or park. I agree that telephones are made wiser. I got my first cell phone the same year I learned to drive at 30, back in 1994. I couldn't wait to get the next best one. The smallest one; because back then, they were merely smaller than an actual payphone. They may not have been as "smart" as they are now, but they rang and dialed out. That's all I'm interested in today. If I'm driving, I'm only driving and not texting or answering email. If I'm out with a friend or family, I'm not fooling with my phone. Or having the need to share my every move with the public that were not in attendance.
I'm enjoying good personal company. It's good to have a lap top(I hate to hear it called a lab top) or tablet in the event of emergency, for interactions with work and or school when you can't b…