Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nothing Was Wrong

Does anyone remember the day before the internet? The days where we looked up information from a phone book.
What about meeting someone while out at a venue or park. I agree that telephones are made wiser. I got my first cell phone the same year I learned to drive at 30, back in 1994. I couldn't wait to get the next best one. The smallest one; because back then, they were merely smaller than an actual payphone. They may not have been as "smart" as they are now, but they rang and dialed out. That's all I'm interested in today. If I'm driving, I'm only driving and not texting or answering email. If I'm out with a friend or family, I'm not fooling with my phone. Or having the need to share my every move with the public that were not in attendance.
I'm enjoying good personal company. It's good to have a lap top(I hate to hear it called a lab top) or tablet in the event of emergency, for interactions with work and or school when you can't be there. 
Well longer story short... please don't get so caught up in new technology that you are lost if it's taken away. Have fun with the new stuff, but don't forget that there was nothing wrong with the older stuff. The original ways of communication and information. Put in the leg and head work to find who and what it is you're looking for.