Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~Today's Letter To Heaven~

Happy Born Day Dana "Dana Dane" Daniel 5/29/59 - 6/22/12 Wow it's been almost a year since you've gone home to mingle amongst Our Father and loved ones. I do believe you are aware of everything we say and do that pertains to you. I believe that you are one of our personal Angels up in heaven, rooting for our saftety and well being. I'm so glad you're on our team. I haven't engraved it in stone because I know our children will hold me to it, but I've been pondering making a journey to Illinois on Father's Day to get a closer conversation with you. They would love that. We speak of you all the time and laugh about how we called you the one man band. The way you use to sit or walk around playing your imaginary instruments as you listened to your oldies. *chuckle laced with tears*
     I was singing one of my favorite new songs to Andrea and she just busted out laughing. I thought I was doing bad until she said, "No mama, I like it. I'm just picturing daddy in the background playing his instruments, saying(that's my baby)" We both laughed and knew in our hearts you were agreeing and smiling, no... you were laughing the way you did when you were with us. We loved your laugh and your beautiful smile. Well D, as I told you months before you went on, I apologize for not knowing and expressing love when we were together. Yet you loved me so much even after we were apart. It means everything to me to know and believe that. Thank you for your love and patience with me. I know I was(still am) a hand full. I still hear you, In your words to me while I went through my rants, "Quack Quack Quack".
     Oh and when every one released balloons to you and mine was the only one left behind with a simple message that read, "Quack Quack Quack means I love you", I know it was you saying, "it's okay, I still love you and all is well". The message was a last minute 3rd change decision, and it was YOU that always said that, so I know that it was meant for me to keep and know. Thank You! Until we meet again, rest well. We will always love you! This is the last song I sang to you, the night I walked out of your life. We had a beautiful break up. Don't you dare say it didn't start beautiful, lol... We reminisced on the prior years and wished one another well. We made love by candle light and fell asleep in one another's arms. Then you woke up on some BS and didn't wanna leave, so it got crazy. I said, Good Morning, do you need help with your stuff? You said, "After all of that you still want me to leave?" I said, "Yes!" "I made it so sweet because I didn't want us to end bad." You said, "Fuck you bitch, I ain't going no where." So I had to get my phone...(I should have chosen a different song perhaps, lol) But seriously, you probably saved my life when I met you at 17 because I was ruthless. For that I thank you. For my "stuff" I'm sorry! And I know you didn't know or care much about Twitter, but it's because of you and that song, that I "follow" Patti Labelle today. Ask someone up there, they'll tell you more about twitter. lol
Forever in our hearts, Love Angie