Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Utilizing Energy

In my today, I spend a lot of time figuring myself out. It's a pretty big task too. No one can tell you more about me than me. I don't know a whole lot about what goes on in/with other families. That's because I try my best to mind my own business. I don't divert a lot of time and energy to the things I can not change. Like whether or not someone likes or dislikes me. Today's outside temperatures. The color of the neighbor's drapes. Getting older. The verdict in a trial in which does not DIRECTLY affect me or my family.

Okay, so I arrived at my point... On a news broadcast, I saw the rioting and mass disappointments in the outcome of "current events". I noticed during my outing this morning, that I was not greeted and or received in the friendly manner in which I usually am. No one was outright unfriendly, but It was enough difference for me to notice. It was like anyone of a race other than mine, had their shields on.

Well, I am not those things that are happening around the world today. I am not a threat to anyone. I don't hate. Sure there are people that I have an extreme dislike for, but it's personal. Not indirect, biased or preconceived.
Some things in life can alter one's maturity level. Those very things can and most likely will be the demise of the one's that let it. The inevitable things will be just that, but the avertible things are up to you.

Just go around them. There's always another and more so than not, a better way.