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Where Is It

Monday, September 16, 2013

**Random Vent(cleaner version than how I actually feel about it)

Neither of these things happened today. I just got upset about something totally different and it reminded me of the two things that get me thoroughly, completely and almost irreversibly pissed.
# 1- I despise being disregarded. If I say something to you or type something with an effin ? following it, it warrants a reply. I grew up and lived through this ill azz practice from my parents. I will NOT tolerate this from ANYONE else in my adult life.
F^ck you very much and goodbye.

# 2 - Pretty much a replication of #1, Greetings. If I spoke to you which is almost always accompanied by a smile, whether you could hear me or not, we made eye contact so you see my lips moving attached to a smile. Reciprocate in some way. A nod. A wave. Or even an explanation as to why you won't, shouldn't or can't speak back.

So if you see or hear me walking past someone and perhaps saying audibly clear, "Or maybe not" (after I've said goodmorn-after-eve <~ depending on the time of day) to a mutha effa that didn't speak back. Or "F you back", it's indicative of my wanting to extend a drop kick to the back of their head as my way of asking, "Do you hear me now?"

Ok... that is all. I just had to get that out of me before it infected the rest of my day. I'm gettin Ice Cream...