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Whooo ?

People that have a relationship with me, one way or another, seem to believe that I am self centered. Well I don't see how they could say that. I am genuine, sharing and caring. Very considerate.

Here's some scenario's...

I've had someone tell me a few years ago, "Oh, I forgot. If it doesn't revolve around Angela, it doesn't mean anything". I object!

Just last week I had someone tell me, "The world doesn't spin on Angela's axle". Well again, I object!

Alright... I'm not objecting to mean that the world and or it's axle does revolve around me. The objection is that I do NOT think that about myself.

In between those two guys telling me that, I had this discussion with one daughter,

Me: "Hey, so n so said I think the world revolves around me."
Daughter: "You do act like that sometimes."
Me: "How ?"
Daughter: "Well we don't do anything unless it's what YOU want to do."
Me: "Exactl…

Smiling Inside and Out

I am very appreciative of the fact my children and grandchildren are loving, caring and kind. Never disrespecting me. There are so many people that don't have that. That is my wish for them, that it gets better. Everyone needs an  emotional hug, just as much as a physical one.