Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Whooo ?

People that have a relationship with me, one way or another, seem to believe that I am self centered. Well I don't see how they could say that. I am genuine, sharing and caring. Very considerate.

Here's some scenario's...

I've had someone tell me a few years ago, "Oh, I forgot. If it doesn't revolve around Angela, it doesn't mean anything". I object!

Just last week I had someone tell me, "The world doesn't spin on Angela's axle". Well again, I object!

Alright... I'm not objecting to mean that the world and or it's axle does revolve around me. The objection is that I do NOT think that about myself.

In between those two guys telling me that, I had this discussion with one daughter,

Me: "Hey, so n so said I think the world revolves around me."
Daughter"You do act like that sometimes."
Me: "How ?"
Daughter: "Well we don't do anything unless it's what YOU want to do."
Me: "Exactly! Why would I do something that I DIDN'T want to do."
Daughter: "My point!" "So we always change OUR desires to suit YOURS, or we don't do it."
Me: Ohh, I get your point. I need to compromise and go outside of MY comfort zone sometimes?"
Daughter: "Yes!"
Me: "Alright, I'll try."

Today I told a different daughter what was said last week, and it went like this...

Me: "Aye, so n so said I think... blah blah blah"
Daughter: "Not all the time."
Me: "What? You mean sometimes I do? Well give me an example in your opinion."
Daughter: "U just sometimes don't care a lot about others"
Me: "Awwwwl, I'm sorry if I ever made u feel that way."
Daughter: "Not me! Jus other's"
Me: "Ohh, ok well yeah - no, lol - I gotta try to do better"
Daughter: "It a work out for u LOVE"

Ok, I ended it there. I thought long and hard about what I could've said and or done to make someone feel uneasy, disregarded or disrespected. A few things came up, but I had never thought of it the way they all did. With that being said, I genuinely apologize to any and everyone that has ever experienced a sense of slight from me, to any degree.

Sincerely, ~Ms. Angela