Monday, May 19, 2014

Roll Call

I try not to be brassy, disrespectful or hypercritical; so I often find myself holding it in, and possibly sustaining an ulcer. One cause for discomfort is having someone, ok who am I fooling... a man, approach me, whether via note, text or vocally and I have to decipher what he is actually trying to convey. I don't claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, however I am in a certain class of drawer.

There have been times when I see a guy approaching, or I get a social media alert that so n so has sent me a message. I get all warm and fuzzy thinking, "hmmm, he's cute". Or "aw shucks, look at him". He's dressed nice, and okay let me see what this is about. As soon as he opens his mouth or I start to read, my first thought is, "this ain't my daddy's watch" (in my Eddie Murphy voice).

If I have to put your sentences together before I can make sense of it... If I had to add or figure in the pronunciation marks to know when to pause, stop, answer, react... it's not communication. It's too much work. Slow down and think before you put that out there. Make me want to work with you and get you more better. ☚ not a typo.

I'm worth it. So before you attempt to converse with me in a clumsy and or lazy manner, "No!" "Hot!" as you would tell a child about a stove. Well, what? You wanted me to be your teacher, right? So there then, you can be my child.
if you think dis massage is bout you than it probily is so dont git mad got it togather¯\(?)/¯