Monday, July 21, 2014

This Man

The picture above is just a man, but it's something unique about him.
The things he does are normal things, but there's something distinct about him.

Year after year of falling down, gave him the strength to get back up.
Having the strength to get back up, made him strong to stand alone.

Standing alone all by himself, was what it took to win.
Winning once was all it took to make him win again.
Nine years strong and he still wins, no one can take that back.
Forging ahead when all else fails, persisting to stay on track.
This man I know is just a man, but still he makes me proud.
To know that there is such a man, that stands out from the crowd. 
The humble nature of this man, would say, oh well it's nothing.
Even though he's just a man, to me he's really something.
Year after year I acknowledge him, nope, not stopping yet.
The exceptionalness of this man, is why I won't forget.

Happy Anni-Birthary Vayda
Your friend Angela