Saturday, October 18, 2014


I've been driving with the company of the sweet sounds of Marvin Gaye lately. Which remind me of the dearly departed Dana Daniel. The father of my young adults. Marvin was definitely "present" for the conceptions.

Well, every now and then I'll get a little hint that you're with me Dana, and I appreciate them because it reminds me that I was loved unconditionally. I often tell a friend of mine that he is one of the wisest gentlemen I know, which still stands true; however, today while I was pulling an appropriate shoe from my closet shelf, a letter slid out with one of the shoes. I save everything from everyone that means anything to me, so this letter could've been from several people that I keep stored memories of, on the same shelf. I somehow knew it was from you, given your timing for showing up when I need you most. What I'm not sure of, is how your letter miraculously fell from the bag.

I laid the shoes on the floor and turned the letter over to see that it in fact was from you. I smiled at the sight of your flawless penmanship and even though I'd read this letter before, I anticipated being reminded of what you had to say to me.

It's dated 9-13-10, It's thorough, funny, direct, sad, and overwhelming as I began to weep toward the end. Thinking as I go along, "Wow, this cat really loved me and our children and longed to know our grandchildren." "Wow, I need to quit discounting the fact that you too were wise, just as my friend."
And "Wow, you send these little reminders often and it makes me think that you are thinking of me." Oh what a wonderful feeling to know that you are thought of.

Thank you for showing me as you've stated from the time you meant it, that you love me. Reading that letter again today, confirmed that even in your absence, you still love me.

Rest in Eternal Peace
Mr. Dana Daniel
5/29/1959 - 6/22/2012