Sunday, December 14, 2014

Save The Date

I genuinely favor professional fighting of any degree/level. I'm highly anticipating the Jones vs Cormier fight on Jan. 3 2015. So much so that I wouldn't mind going all the way to MGM Grand to be amongst the spectators. I don't believe I've witnessed the skill of either fighter; however, I loathe boasters, so that sorta leans me in the direction of Jon Jones as a favorite. Cocky vs Confidence is a true story that differs in great degree.

They still have rooms available at affordable prices, which is great since I may as well enjoy Vegas for a bit, right?!
So after viewing the ticket prices, I'm assuming that the highest at $1,003 lets you feel the sweat being knocked from either contenders` brow. And the low end of $128 allows you to gain peeks from the entry way. Hmmm... is this battle televised?! Either way it or I go, I wish the best of bout to both men.