Tuesday, July 21, 2015

10 After 10

Time is flying faster and "higher" than the old days.

It welcomes you to double digits before you can say hello.
As you've put down your troubles 10 long years ago.
Although I can't say I'm shocked that you're so strong and consistent
It's the old days that have to fight, while you master the resistance.
I'm entirely proud of the man you are, and still no one can top it.
I can see you now in 10 more years, I dare someone try to stop it. 
Welp, I'm still here and glad to note that you are really winning
I'm your friend today, just as much as I was in the beginning
Happy Anni-Birthary Vayda! 
*Love ~Angela

*In addition: Thank you for always knowing what to say and the pristine way you execute it.
Thank you for appreciating me and the time I take to appreciate you. 
Lastly but definitely not least, Thank you for setting a bar so high, it ensures I maintain my positive journey. 
I am your biggest fan! ~Tight Hugs & Soft Kisses