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Where Is It

Thursday, November 19, 2015

**A Quiet Place To Scream

3 Months from the date, I vowed to keep the shit in the coffin and I sit here in extreme anger and disgust that I left the fuckin door open again. The pic on display here is exactly how I feel right now, fighting through the calmness. I came here to scream and let it out. Trying not to act a fool. Trying to remain a lady and contain the bitch in me. I was showed that this will be the result of faulty interactions, yet my dumb, yes dumb ass fell right back into the same madness. Mutha Fucka bye! I hate being angry, it physically hurts. And the fact that I react to another persons actions in such regard, tells me that it's unhealthy and should not be on my diet. Sticking to more rewarding consumptions. 

Bitch get your bags and keep the stench at the curb. 
I feel better already!