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False Or Favored

I wonder how many unions are forming under false pretenses simply for a gift. Then I wonder how many relationships are ending due to inability or unwillingness to give a gift. 

Be nice and have an honest enjoyable upcoming Valentines Day whether you are giving or getting, stopping or starting, loving or lying. Either way, what goes around will be back shortly.

Understanding PMDD and Me...

If you know me or have tuned in to my rantings, you know that I am honest and don't mind sharing any and almost everything with you. I stated earlier that I have a host of impairments that limit my social functioning. Which explain why I do some of what I do. I'm not seeking approval, I'm fine with who I am. However, I felt the need to share one of my major impairments that limit and often cause confusion in my day to day actions/activities. Take it or leave it. It's who or how I am and have been for the majority of my life!

Women with PMDD complain of irritability, anger, tension, marked depressed mood, and mood lability (crying spells for no reason, verbal outbursts, or tantrums ) to such a severity that quality of life is seriously compromised. In addition to these symptoms, some women complain of lethargy, sleep disturbance, limited concentration and a host of physical symptoms such as breast tenderness, headaches, joint and muscle pain, bloating and weight gain.


Just One Girl

I don't know what they like, But I like for you to smell good. However, I won't leave you if you don't. We can work on that together.

I love to be talked to, about anything. As long as we're talking. When that stops, it all stops.

Tell me about your past. Your best friend. What makes you laugh or cry.

If something is wrong inside, tell me; we can share it, I have wrongs also.

I need your patience. Your understanding. I want to meet your family but if I don't, it's ok. I won't let that define us or measure my worth to you. If you don't like your job, That's your decision to stay or leave it. You have my support.

Don't like those drapes? Tell me, your opinion matters and I'd love to hear it.

A lot of relationships are fueled and based upon the opposite of what "one girl" will accept. One sided relationships are unhealthy. They may last a while, however, one or both of you are being short changed.
I've often made comparisons to a past re…

Mmmm vs Hmmm... What is that smell - Repost

Cold doesn't kill everything. So even in this frigid winter season, you must follow procedure.
I love inviting scents. Whether on someones person or within an area. I've taken the time to list some recipe's that promote good scent-ualhygiene and house keeping. You'd be surprised at how many people should see and utilize these tutorial tips. It's not at all a laughing matter, I'm just saying.

I've also listed some tips on Cause and effects of the happy nose invaders

For Your Person
1. Start with a clean body. ie., Bathing, Showering, Brushing and Flossing.

2. Immediately apply scented or non scented skin moisturizer

3. Apply your favorite scent. I am one that likes to smell good even while I sleep. It helps to produce a more peaceful slumber.

For Your Home
1. Begin with a clean home ie., Having every item in its intended place. Assuming all places have been dusted and or polished.

2. Remove all trash. Using a smaller trash receptacle will insure more frequent trips…