Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Opting Into Madness

So yesterday I decided it was time to take my book promotions a step further by joining facebook. I've had profiles before, with the earliest being in 2005 back when you had to be invited and things were just getting started. I didn't care for it much back then and the only thing that's changed is my ease of navigation around the joint and familiarity with the crowd.

Well in order to create the Author profile, I had to create a personal page, which I did using my entire government name with a few pics. That way it would make it easy for my family and acquaintances to find me, as well as linking my affiliation with the Author profile. 

It was amazing to converse with a lot of people I hadn't spoken to in years. And then there's my anti social self. The self that's always been a bit reticent or labeled an introvert and I'm not afraid to own it. I find it easier to shut up and sit still alone, than to create a big scene or union and have to bow out later if it becomes overwhelming or different than my preferred taste.

I will keep the profile page(s) active; however, it would be best for me, them and us if I make short sporadic appearances. That way everyone feels it's the exact same me with precautions and more importantly, boundaries.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Adjusting The Gates

How do we know when it's time to open, close, jar or remove the barrier between ourselves and an unknown venue?
Often we leave no room for entry because we're afraid of what lies outside of the "norm". I for one think it's ok to be defensive, Ok to be cautious, Ok to be leary.

But, if I leave the gate up, am I closing out opportunities? Who needs to get in when you're not allowing it? Is it safe to conclude that, everything is as it should be and nothing can or will go wrong? You can't finalize what you do not know. You can't accept what you can not see. Many have told me that I'm too cautious, I want to open up a bit. I want to be included in the fun and experience of something new. But I have to look out for me. I have to decide for me. You have to know or suspect that, when you have no knowledge of a person place or thing, proceeding with caution is warranted.

There's no need to accept that someone else says, you can do it. Take your time. It's your present life, your past experiences and your future advances or regrets that are at stake. I value who I am today.
Decisions Decisions. I want to jump in there and get out there, find and share new memories. But I'm just too damn cautious. The world and it's dwellers have changed. Beliefs have changed. Concerns and Consequences have all changed. I will continue to watch my step. It's my life!

I really felt the need to disambiguate my actions to some that challenge or disagree with my being overly cautious.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Skimming Favor

You can only put so many roses in a vase until it becomes too full. There have been days when everything you touch turns to gold. Everything you wished and hoped for has come to pass, and you forget how and why you've achieved such favor. You start to get used to things falling into place and couldn't imagine your life without a full vase.

Well at some points in your life, that vase will become empty again. Those will be the times that you feel bitter, unloved and totally forgotten. Someone will stop praying, stop believing and giving, if ever.

That's when you have to spend time filling that vase with faith, determination, perseverance and patience.
Start to look at one flower as being life itself. Appreciate it and live in it just as you are. Watch how much you bloom. In due time, your flowers will show back up. Keep growing!