Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Opting Into Madness

So yesterday I decided it was time to take my book promotions a step further by joining facebook. I've had profiles before, with the earliest being in 2005 back when you had to be invited and things were just getting started. I didn't care for it much back then and the only thing that's changed is my ease of navigation around the joint and familiarity with the crowd.

Well in order to create the Author profile, I had to create a personal page, which I did using my entire government name with a few pics. That way it would make it easy for my family and acquaintances to find me, as well as linking my affiliation with the Author profile. 

It was amazing to converse with a lot of people I hadn't spoken to in years. And then there's my anti social self. The self that's always been a bit reticent or labeled an introvert and I'm not afraid to own it. I find it easier to shut up and sit still alone, than to create a big scene or union and have to bow out later if it becomes overwhelming or different than my preferred taste.

I will keep the profile page(s) active; however, it would be best for me, them and us if I make short sporadic appearances. That way everyone feels it's the exact same me with precautions and more importantly, boundaries.