Sunday, February 7, 2016

Skimming Favor

You can only put so many roses in a vase until it becomes too full. There have been days when everything you touch turns to gold. Everything you wished and hoped for has come to pass, and you forget how and why you've achieved such favor. You start to get used to things falling into place and couldn't imagine your life without a full vase.

Well at some points in your life, that vase will become empty again. Those will be the times that you feel bitter, unloved and totally forgotten. Someone will stop praying, stop believing and giving, if ever.

That's when you have to spend time filling that vase with faith, determination, perseverance and patience.
Start to look at one flower as being life itself. Appreciate it and live in it just as you are. Watch how much you bloom. In due time, your flowers will show back up. Keep growing!