Monday, August 15, 2016

Abstract Abstinence or Nah

What happens when you've promised someone that you'd wait for them, as long as it takes. Later down the line, you realize the significance and have promised God, that you'd wait until marriage.

You're in a room with that someone that holds the promise. You're absolutely attracted to them in every degree, from every angle and by all means. And you know God is watching... He's here too. He knows that, not even an engagement is on the table. There's no intention of union between you two, in place.

The only option is to break the covenant with "someone". If he/she loves you, they'll understand. They'll be there. Not necessarily practicing the same measures as you, and abstaining while you're "out of the room"; but respecting without pressure, that some day you may(if provisions are met) safely share intimacies, beyond a long hug and a soft kiss.

Whether you're distracted, confused or entertain any uncertainties, go with God. Trust him in all that you do(in this case, don't do) and he will compensate you.