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Where Is It

Friday, September 30, 2016

Insuperable Instances

When the bar has been set... you've got to come correct, or make a sharp left before this light.
I will not settle for anything less than what's stoked and amazed me for nearly a decade.
I won't apologize for wanting "the whole cake", knowing that I am indeed "the whole pie".
Slices won't suffice here.


 God Fearing
✓ Aggressive(Yes, there must be a mild level)



There's an entire world out there, filled with people that have a need to fill their void with nothingness. Going through the motions for the companionship. The incomplete camaraderie.
I choose to wait for as long as it takes. As minutes turn to days, days to weeks, weeks to month's and deep into years... Time will yield a gem!