Thursday, December 15, 2016

Words Everywhere * Then Nothing

Precise, Remorse, Shame, Diligence, Intellect, Bravery, Selfishness, Esteem, Forgetful, Belligerency, Flamboyance, Competition, Equanimity, Flattery, Negligence, Repetition, Selflessness, Salvage, Disposition, Serenity, Regret, Laughter, Vilification, Impressive, Opposition, Remnants, Sufficient, Halt
There needs to be words. Words are expressions of things, of feelings, of stuff. A lost for words combats a slew of words and they both struggle. Each time a word is placed there is a victor. You've won at giving life to a situation, a status, a scenario, a self.

On the other hand, sometimes you just want to shut up. Mimic nothing, regress. That way they see what's not being said, make an assumption of the silence. Replace it with an action and begin again. Okay - no more talking...

[smirks - rolls eyes]*[drops the mic - walks off stage]
[returns to room - kicks the mic]
[shrugs shoulders]*[gives birth to a middle finger]
[turns to leave]
[not uttering a word]*[yet I know you still heard me]


Thursday, December 8, 2016


I love hearing and or seeing my young adult children, display something in the exact manner in which I have or will. They've literally reduced me to tears listening to them, knowing that these are their own characteristics. Possibly fashioned after me, being that I'm their mother, but certainly of their own.

There's no way they could have been present when I said or done that. Especially in a work environment. Or a private conversation in which they weren't present.

Thanks God, for showing me, me. For letting the mirrored images of my adult, mature, responsible self, be revealed so that I know I too am a good person. Your will reigns within us all. Good Job Us.
I love them by default! I like them because they are genuinely good people. My people!