Monday, May 1, 2017

New Ebook Release

Life Of Creyem, by Angel Dust

You‘ve spent so much time scratching your head about the misspelling of crime, that now you barely have time on your break to enjoy the narrative details of it. My only suggestion is that you take this home and really delve into it. It’s a juicy account of a group of family members, starting with the mom, that gave birth to 5 daughter’s and 2 sons that happen to have acquired the same taste for breaking the law.

Everything they do is for the benefit of the family. A love for each other that no man or woman can break. Nothing or no one is off limits, if it’s found out that they have something the family wants. You’ll see how quick and easily they can make it happen.

Together they form a ring of loyal family members referred to only as pronouns and numbers, that build their own fast developing, prospering community. The only way in, is through one of them. The only way out is by vote or in a body bag. Opt for the vote if you want to leave. If you must leave. If you can leave. If you’re allowed to leave.