Sunday, June 18, 2017

Le' Patriarch

My father has since left, but my memory of him is present.
There are things my father gave me that helped me along my way,
yet I still lacked wholeness and completion from those things.
He didn't instill a great deal of support for the woman I one day
would become. However, I will not bash him during his absence.
May he continue to rest.

Any man that comes to you, ready to mend and extinguish sorrow.
Offers solace and kind words of wisdom and reasoning. Speaks
to you with a gentleness that soothes most wounds. Lifts you up in times
that you have fallen and or have all but given up, is considered a father.
I am forever grateful to have found such a man as a friend. I wish him
a fruitful and blessed Father's Day. Everyday!